Are there easy steps that can dramatically boost student learning and reduce disparities?

In six years of classroom studies using Courselets we have identified five best-practices that eliminate blindspots blocking learning, at minimal effort for instructors.  These best-practices are concrete and practical, and any instructor can implement them immediately using Courselets:

The key thing is that Courselets is a human process, not AI -- in other words, we directly help you apply each best-practice within your class, walking you through the steps using the interactive Courselets Assistant, giving you expert feedback on how your exercises attain the best-practices, and answering your questions at any point.   The purpose of is faculty helping faculty -- and finding out exactly where people run into difficulties is our top research priority.  Helping you helps us!The easiest place to start is to try the first two best practices by running a practice-exam for your class on Courselets.