What is the first, easiest way to boost student learning using Courselets?

Faculty usually post practice-exam problems, and students study them (perhaps only the night before the exam!). Simply moving your practice exam onto Courselets can dramatically boost its benefit, by guaranteeing that 90% of your students will immediately receive individualized help for their specific errors and misconceptions, at the very time they are most motivated to work hard to fix them!

How this best-practice works:

What is Safety + Urgency? In a conventional class incentives scheme, these two factors may seem opposed:

In real classrooms this is a genuine catch-22.  It can only be overcome via intelligent safety + urgency design: pair a Courselets exercise with a subsequent high-stakes assessment, for example by giving students practice exam problems as a Courselets exercise preceding the actual exam.  The Courselets exercise should be assigned on a credit-for-completion basis (rather than "points off for errors") -- so that students will do it.